College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
from top left: Drs. Mark Trotter, Kevin McDonnell and Jiraporn Inthasan and graduate student Fitiavana Rajaonarivelo

Fulbrighters Experience Research Opportunities, Ohio’s People and Culture

Bringing internationals to our campus takes a village in normal years, all the more so since COVID-19 hit.  In June, OSU’s Office of International Affairs congratulated Dean Kress for “continuing to place a high value on supporting global opportunities for our students and faculty” resulting in OSU’s being ranked No.1 in the nation for the number of Fulbright scholar awards and No. 13 for Fulbright student awards.


Jason Owens of FAES International Programs subsequently contacted recipients of Fulbright scholarships and fellowships and shares some of their projects, combining narratives about their research with their personal impressions of their time in Ohio. Learn more.